Ben “Sol” Carson Jr.
BJ, aka Sol, is, as you may know or have imagined, a brother of the groom.  The second of three children born to Ben and Candy Carson, he was the first to marry this year to Dr. Merlynn Jayaraman.  BJ, as family usually calls him, has proven to be very savvy and successful in his finance career and is making great gains for his clients and his company, while helping out with various charitable organizations as well.

Rhoeyce Carson
Rhoeyce is the youngest of the three Carson children and he was also married earlier this year to Lillianah Shabo.  He is currently working on his CPA after having completed his finance degree earlier this year.  His time is divided between work, study, church and spending time with his lovely new wife.  Rhoeyce is a very devoted and honorable young man, and he’s one of the most considerate people you could ever hope to meet.

Dan Tounsel
Dan, the oldest son of Cerise and Dan Tounsel (Murray’s aunt and uncle), is a lawyer in Chicago but grew up in Michigan.  He is currently courting a lovely and vivacious doctor named Ruby.  As far as Murray is concerned, he’s pretty good on piano, when he wants to be, and very thoughtful.  Considering the perspectives, situations and feelings of others,  he careful examines issues before taking a stance.  Thus, he is well versed on many important topics.  Growing up, the Tounsels and Carsons spent many holidays together playing various games, going on boat rides and rooting for the Orioles- err… Tigers, Tigers!

Mike Tounsel
Mike, also cousin to the groom and an engineer working at Boeing in Seattle, WA, is Dan’s younger brother.  That’s right, he’s flying across country about as far as you can go to get here; that’s love.  Mike is also working on his Master’s Degree, but his family is secretly hoping to reel him back East.  Mike has a fun sense of humor; except going to Washington wasn’t funny, come back East… now!  OK, maybe not, but Murray is grateful to have his distant (geographically) cousin participating in the wedding.

Joe Costa
Joe was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA where he attended Shady Side Academy before heading to Yale University.  He graduated from Yale in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  Upon graduating, Joe joined the Investment Banking Division of Lehman Brothers and subsequently Barclays Capital, where he worked for three years in both New York and London.  Joe is now living in New York City and hopes to attend Law School next Fall.  He also taught Murray how to play Halo.  The most important thing about Joe, though (because that other stuff is pretty impressive and important), is that his Dad and Murray’s dad are completely HILARIOUS when they’re together.  Even when they’re jokes aren’t that funny (which is most of the time) you can’t help but laugh because they’re laughing so heartily.  OK, maybe that wasn’t the most important, but it’s true :~) .

Paul Gallagher
Paul is the only friend who has managed to make an appearance in all three Carson wedding parties.  Since he’s one of Murray’s and Lerone’s friends we don’t want to embarrass him, but we’re going to anyway: ladies, this British-accent speaking, piano and recorder playing, comical bird and cat-lover (that may be a slight exaggeration) is single!  He’s also a computer programmer with a propensity for puns, novels and video games.  We can’t be certain how well Rhoeyce is going to behave, so Paul may have to guard his glasses, but there’s certainly fun to be had if Rhoeyce and Paul are around!

Brian So
Murray and Brian have been friends since the good ol’ days in McDonogh Highschool. Magic cards, chess club, big brass section in band, track team, video games at his house and many more good times! Brian and Murray made a great pair because they shared so many similar passions.  They rode the same bus to school for many years and Brian even helped the Carsons move from their West Friendship, MD location to where they are today.  Brian is also a very devout Christian and wishes God’s blessings upon the couple and their commitment in their continued honor and praise of God.

David Wachsman
David and Murray go way back, or maybe we should say their families, because they used to spend every Christmas together.  Their favorite Christmas was the one where they got a flat tire on the way home.  Why is it their favorite, you ask?  Because they got to stay longer!  More Warlords, Myth and Nerf battles or whatever they were doing.  Also, David wouldn’t ever say this about himself, but he is one of the smartest, if not the smartest person. Murray knows; he researches EVERYTHING!  He's an avid reader.  On top of that he’s a nice guy because he’s concerned for others and plus he’s great at sports.

Sam Markkula
Sam was the only groomsman Murray’s had second thoughts about.  Just kidding!  Sam and Murray work together and Sam has a penchant for telling bad jokes.  The thing about bad jokes is that you get to laugh at the reaction of your listeners.  Sam is a very responsible engineer at Applied NanoStructured Solution (Lockheed Martin) and he and Murray work together in the materials characterization lab where they get to break stuff.  If you think his name is spelled weird it’s because he’s Swedish and that’s common there.  OK, maybe he’s actually Finnish, but it’s fun to make jokes about that too.  Sam’s a devoted Christian and while he and Murray haven’t known each other long, they’ve developed a unique bond.

Theomar Milford
Theo is a cousin of Lerone and, while that might make it seem that his relationship with the groom would be lacking, it isn’t.  Theo, who got married on 7/11(what a sweet date), is also an engineer and Christian, who sings as well.  While it’s true that Murray avoids singing like the plague, he also neatly fits all those labels, and they both love Lerone.  Theo has been an awesome friend to Murray; he’s great to talk to and he, along with his wife, Melody, are very considerate.   They let Lerone and Murray stay at their house and helped facilitate the couple's engagement photo shoot the next day.